Galloping Acres Equestrian Therapeutic Riding offers a range of benefits for individuals with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

Physical Rehabilitation

Utilize the movement and rhythm of horseback riding to improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility for participants with physical disabilities.


Empower individuals with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges to reach their full potential by engaging in therapeutic riding activities tailored to their specific needs.

Cognitive Development

Enhance cognitive skills such as attention, problem-solving, memory, and communication through structured activities and interactions with horses.

Emotional Support

Provide a nurturing and supportive environment where participants can develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional resilience by forming relationships with horses and fellow riders.

Sensory Integration

Facilitate sensory integration for individuals with sensory processing disorders through exposure to various sensory stimuli encountered during horseback riding.

Social Interaction

Foster socialization, teamwork, and relationship-building skills by encouraging participants to interact with instructors, volunteers, and peers in a cooperative and inclusive setting.

Therapeutic Bond

Cultivate a unique bond between horses and riders, promoting trust, empathy, and emotional connections that can have a positive impact on participants’ overall well-being.

Family Involvement

Engage and educate families, caregivers, and support networks to actively participate in the therapeutic process, extending the benefits of the program beyond the riding sessions.

Community Outreach

Raise awareness and promote the benefits of therapeutic riding within the wider community, collaborating with healthcare professionals, schools, and organizations to expand access and inclusivity.

Continuous Growth

Continually evaluate and improve our program by staying informed about the latest research, incorporating best practices, and adapting to the evolving needs of our participants.